Jazz Fest

Rakesh and Friends (RAF), the only Indian band to perform at the 15th Cape Town International Jazz Festival, South Africa

Rakesh and Friends, (RAF), the only Indian fusion group was invited to participate at the 15th Cape Town International Jazz Festival, South Africa, on 28th March 2014 and paid rich tributes to Nelson Mandela while performing at the Festival.

In their opening act on the main Kippies stage ( after being shifted from the other stage as per previous schedule due to one of the bands missing their flight) which had a crowd of over 9000 people, RAF’s first song ‘Runaway’ was overwhelming and was received with the audiences clapping and cheering. RAF’s power packed performance duration was 1 hour 15 minutes where they shared the stage with the likes of very big international jazz bands such as Level 42, Mi Casa, Shakatak.

RAF started off their day with a musical workshop which was attended by music students as well as the musicians from different bands. The participants were all quite amazed to see a bamboo flute as part of the jazz fest. Normally a bamboo flute is not a very common instrument in a jazz set up.

Their performance was a tribute to Nelson Mandela. Sharing the same stage and meeting some of the legends of Jazz such as Mark King of Level 42 was a great experience, for the group.They were equally proud that they were the only Indian group to represent India in South Africa.”